My Tarot Philosophy

The chambered nautilus has survived in the depths of Earth’s oceans for the last 500 million years. Considered to be a living fossil, it resides in a cozy chamber for a season and then builds a new one when it has outgrown the old space. This growth and expansion creates the spiral pattern of its shell that we find so captivating—a perfect example of Sacred Geometry. As a symbol for the soul’s evolution, the nautilus also reflects the Fool’s Journey in the Tarot. Every card in the Major Arcana is a stage of spiritual awakening. Every number from 1 through 10 holds a specific vibration and progression. Much like the way the nautilus seals off its old chambers, we can’t return to the exact place where we were before. The only way is through.

I see Tarot as a way of bringing the subconscious into the light of day so that we have some help with our spiritual evolution. If life is a play unfolding scene by scene on stage, then Tarot is like having a backstage pass. It shows the underlying feelings, motivations, and hidden forces that are influencing a given situation so we can make more informed choices.

It is also more like a snapshot than a predictor of long-term events. The cards reveal what will most likely occur if we stay with a particular course of action, but we always have free will. We change the future all the time with our thoughts and actions. We can look at what the cards are indicating and stick with our plans, or we can toss the map out the window and head towards a different destination.

It is my pleasure to work with clients who desire a deeper understanding of life through the arcane wisdom of the Tarot. Instructions for booking a reading with me are here. To get a taste of my reading style, check out my daily posts on Instagram!